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What Makes Carolina Herrera Good Girl One Of The Most Popular Fragrances?

What Makes Carolina Herrera Good Girl One Of The Most Popular Fragrances?

What Makes Carolina Herrera Good Girl One Of The Most Popular Fragrances?

Carolina Herrera is a well-known Venezuelan-born designer and a director at Carolina Herrera House of Fragrances.

A Brief History

Carolina Herrera junior, the daughter of big fashion designer Carolina Herrera a 14-year-old fashion designer, debuted her first fragrance collection, “Good Girl,” in 2007. with the motto “It’s So Good to Be Bad.” which became the biggest blockbuster for the brand. While talking to a news release, Carolina Herrera says that perfume creation is inspired by modern woman duality, for that her mother sponsored her. She has always stated that one of the most significant attributes a woman can have is mystique. She [Herrera] idealizes the image of a lady with mystery and naughtiness — but goodness. That is where it all started.

Louise Turner is the perfumer behind Good Girl. Louise has previously worked for major brands such as Joop, Dior, and Thierry Mugler and has created incredible fragrances.

The Notes Of Good Girl

Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl is an Amber Floral fragrance for ladies. A high-heeled bottle attracts attention from the launch, but its powdery aroma is also quite appealing. Is it unique? Maybe not, but it’s quite another to carve out a niche for oneself and different to make a place for yourself

Good Girl offers a novel and addictive combination of tuberose and roasted tonka bean, symbolizing the duality of a woman’s personality.

The Scent Of Good Girl

Good Girl is charming and versatile, with an opening hot first shine and a sweet second act. It is a sensitive fragrance with many sexual appeal.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl gets its elegance and brightness through Jasmine’s satisfying and anticipating properties. The darker side is trumped-up beautifully scented cocoa and charming tonka beans. The presence of almonds and coffee contributes to the scent. Tuberculosis, developed in a new technique that gives it a delicate texture, is a wild card of fragrance, and This contributes to the fluidity and softness of the structure.

The fragrance has a very feminine, seductive, and mysterious scent. It is the ideal scent for going out at night and partying.

Good Girl begins with a slightly acidic sound before the coffee note enters the air. Then, everything becomes a little more sensual.

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Carolina Herrera Good Girl Sizes

This fragrance is available in 3 sizes: 30 ml, 50 ml, and 80 ml. You can enjoy the perfume the most by purchasing a third-size bottle. This fragrance is worth buying, it has a strong vanilla soft touch, and a few spritzes will leave you last forever.  

After around 20 minutes, this aroma becomes delectable. The tuberose and the last gourmand accord make this one of the most enticing women’s perfumes. A Good Girl is a classic option for those women who always desire to wear a powerful fragrance and get praise. This perfume is apprising as a long-lasting scent in the world.

Good Girl – Carolina Herrera New York

Courtesy of Carolina Herrera

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