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What to Look for When Choosing Your Nail Polish?

What to Look for When Choosing Your Nail Polish?

Your nails are very delicate and their functionality is to protect your fingers, Make sure you choose a product that doesn’t damage your nails…

Good looking hands say a lot about a person. Beautiful and well-cared hands are identified with a clean, elegant and stylish person. One of the most important factors in getting hands that arouse admiration is to use nail polish in a colour that suits you and suits your personality. But, what elements do you have to take into account when choosing one Nail Polish or another?

Get to know some basic tips to choose the most suitable Nail Polish for you.

What do you need to look for when choosing a Nail Polish?

To get beautiful hands you need to keep in mind that colouring your nails, trimming them, keeping them look clean and healthy are some of the most important steps that you need to follow. However, when you colour your nails they get damaged in most of the times since most of Nail Polishes are harmful as they contain strong chemicals and toxic substances that are also be dangerous for your health.

To keep your nails healthy and strong you need to keep in mind that choosing a good quality product won’t only provide your nails with the good looking colour you want, but also extra care to your nails, as well as to your health!

Do Nail Polish contain toxic substances?

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Let’s see what are the most common toxic substances you will have to avoid when choosing your Nail Polish

Three toxic substances that you SHOULD always avoid:
  • Formaldehyde: Used as a product hardener when applied to the nail. Recognized by the World Health Organization as a carcinogen, it is a highly volatile petroleum derivative that can cause respiratory problems and damage to lung tissue.
  • Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP): Thi is an industrial chemical used in PVC plastics, solvents, and synthetic fragrances. In Nail Polishes, it is used as a hardener and “plasticizer”. Phthalates are endocrine disruptors, linked to reproductive system problems, asthma, and allergies.
  • Toluene: Helps giving Nail polish a smooth finish and colour durability. Even at low levels of exposure, if inhaled, it can cause nausea, memory and hearing loss, and weakness.
Reader’s Digest Video about Toxic Ingredients in Nail Polish You Must Avoid

Nowadays, there are plenty of Nail Polish brands that they are considered; 3 Free, 4 Free and 5 Free, meaning that they are free from the toxic substances mentioned above, and from other harmful substances. You don’t have to learn the names of all the substances, however, when buying your nail polish, make sure that it is at least a 3 Free Nail Polish.

The Environmental Working Group (A non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment) have explained on one of their articles the importance of choosing a Non-Toxic Nail Polish for you, for your health and also for the environment.

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