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Which Food Enhance My Natural Beauty?

Which Food Enhance My Natural Beauty?

How many times did you hear that what you eat interferes with how you look? If you never heard it before, then here, you are going to find that out.

Beauty is not only about applying makeup, spending huge amount of money on treatments or applying creams to look younger and reduce wrinkles. Beauty is about health.

Having a healthy skin, healthy hair, healthy nails but specially a healthy mind will help you see yourself  more beautiful and also, become beautiful.

Food does really interfere with how we look. For instance, if you only eat sugar and
processed food for a month you will notice that your face and skin are starting to get a darker colour, lose elasticity, get oily and you will eventually have lot of skin problems. Your hair also will start falling, and not to mention that you will gain weight and get more cellulite. 

If you stop consuming all these harmful food, and do exactly the opposite, which is eating good amounts of proteins, green veggies, red fruits and make sure you drink enough water every day for a month. You will notice a huge change on your skin and in your entire body.

Eating fruits, veggies and non-processed food is extremely good for your health. Also for your beauty as it enhance your natural beauty, helps you clean your body and your skin. However, there are plenty of powerful food that you should definitely eat everyday, and you should never skip.

Here are 3 of the Beauty Food that will naturally enhance your beauty and you must include in your daily meals.

There is also a guide prepared for you with more information about all the types of food that you should include in your diet that are a real miracle for beauty.

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  • Berries: Berries are very rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, which is a very important for the skin. Eating a diet high in Vitamin C and antioxidants contributes to a significantly less wrinkled appearance.
  • Avocado: Who doesn’t love Avocados? Well here is another reason to love them even more! This green yummy food is extremely powerful and rich in the fatty acid oleic that is very good for retaining the moisture of the skin, making it a softer, and much younger.
  • Green Tea: Green Tea is probably one of the most powerful things on earth and that we should never skip consuming. Green Tea is loaded with a big amount of antioxidants that fights the free radicals floating around the body. Free radicals are damaged cells and are responsible for everything from wrinkles to life-threatening cancer. 

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