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Why is it Essential to Use Hair Conditioners?

Why is it Essential to Use Hair Conditioners?

Good hair speaks louder than words…

Many times you have wondered why when you leave your hair saloon your hair looks much healthier and more beautiful. Well, do you even follow the steps that you should follow every time you wash your hair at home? Do you use good hair products at home? Do you actually know how and when to use each of them?

Today you are going to learn more about hair conditioner and find out some important things that you probably didn’t know.

The conditioner should be definitely used in the same way as the shampoo is used and with the same frequency, this implies using it every time you wash your hair, even if you wash your hair every day, which in this case is essential since it keeps your hair hydrated and prevents hair breakage.

Learn how to choose your hair conditioner with the Dermatologist Dr. Amee Daxini.

Why is it essential to use hair conditioner?

One of the most important reasons why you should never skip using a hair conditioner is when you detangle it, the hair weakens because it tends to be dry after washing it, it reduces the shine in the hair and it tends to become more frizzy. The conditioner not only acts as a detangler for your hair, but it is also a product that acts at a deeper level, protecting the hair fibre from the inside and strengthening the hair against external aggressions. If it is taken into account that our hair loses capillary density after 35 years of age and that the diameter of each hair is reduced after the age of 30 -this means that the hair has less volume- then it means that it is necessary to protect the fibre.

Watch the Dermatologist Dr. Amee Daxini explaining how to correctly use hair conditioners.

Many women skip using hair conditioners because they have the feeling that their hair is matted or greasy. This is probably because they are using a conditioner not suitable for their type of hair, or they are applying the conditioner on their scalp too.

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Some shampoos can cause a small inflammation of the hair cuticle. The conditioner helps reduce this inflammation and creates a protective layer without gaps or raised cuticles. In this way, external factors will not be a serious problem for your scalp.

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