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Why Should You always Use Facial Toners?

Why Should You always Use Facial Toners?

Beautiful glowing skin is the basis to any look…

Cleanliness is the foundation of any beauty treatment. Only if your skin is perfectly clean will you ensure that the serums and creams that you apply afterwards have the effect you want. And for cleaning to be effective you have to do it well and without skipping any of the essential steps.

It is just as important that you remove your make-up properly and wash your face with a good soap, make-up milk remover, micellar water or oil, as it is afterwards that you apply a facial toner. In the morning and at night, in your cleaning routine, it is essential to get to the second step: The toner.

What can toner do for your skin?

The toner helps remove impurities that may have remained after cleaning your face, as well as the remains of the make-up remover. It also serves to close pores, make the skin look more radiant, and prepare it for subsequent treatments.

The toner is, therefore, a refreshing, revitalizing, hydrating, balancing and relaxing element. Its application on the skin exerts a calming effect, activates circulation and makes the skin much more receptive and prepared to receive the dose of hydration that follows in the care routine.

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The composition of the toner is a key factor to take into account for the greater well-being of the skin, and we must ensure that it is free of any toxic or chemical ingredients that may be too astringent and dry out the skin, such as alcohols.

How to use a facial toner?

You can use the toner by applying a few drops on a cotton pad that then gently rub over the face, or by pouring the drops directly on the fingers and applying with a gentle massage on the skin. If you feel your face wet, just let it absorb the toner through the skin at its own pace or you can exert a massage to absorb it a little faster and thus help activate circulation. Your skin will thank you for this gesture of attention and personal pampering.

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