15 Honest Reviews about Lancôme Advanced Génifique!

You probably heard of the importance of using a serum. But what about the importance of using a GOOD serum?

This article is about a real experience with Advanced Genifique, that I have been using for years and how I fell in love with it.

Beauty Life magazine has also created a guide with 15 reviews of all types about this product, to help you decide to try it or not. Honest reviews from honest people just like you.

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I tried the Advanced Genifique by coincidence. I was actually afraid of using it because of my young age. I knew that the Advanced Genifique is to make your skin younger by activating your youth sells. I taught; (I don’t need this because I’m young)

Many times we hear that young skins should not get exposed to cosmetic’s chemicals. Especially all the anti-ageing and youth activating products. This was my fear. As I said, I tried it by mistake and coincidence, as it was a gift for my mom. A gift that I kept because I liked the box and all the small miniatures that came in it.

My skin gets crazy sometimes, just like all women’s skins. I must say that I take good care of it as much as I can. I used to use many different products before. Masks, moisturisers, hydrating creams, serums, natural oils, and other homemade recipes with natural products have always been in my life.

When I decided to give it a try, I also decided not to combine it with any of the products that I was using. I wanted to see and feel if it was really going to work!

Advanced Génifique Ad with Penélope Cruz & Kate Winslet

A couple of weeks after using the Advanced Genifique, I decided to stop using all the other stuff that I used to spend money and time on. The reason was the great result!

Yes, I could see a great result in only a couple of weeks. My face looked brighter, smoother and healthier. The fine lines disappeared, my skin was more hydrated and the cream I was using was also working well.

I must say that if you have mature skin, or if you have skin issues, you might not see any difference in only two weeks. However, using this serum for a longer time, and using a good anti-ageing cream or a hydrating cream, together with your daily and weekly skincare routine, you will definitely see an improvement. Especially when the time goes by.

There is an important thing to be kept in mind when you start using a product, and that is patience. Many people buy a product and expect great results just by using it for a week, or by using one container only. Things don’t really work well until you give them enough time. As an example; in order to get the desirable results and get that dream body, you will need to go to the Gym for few years and to see a difference, you will have to go for few months. It is not only based on going to the Gym but also the lifestyle you follow… When it comes to cosmetic results, you will have to keep in mind the same theory, be patient, and persistent, then and only then you will start seeing the good results.

Aysha Liyana reviewed the Lancôme Advanced Génifique on her Youtoube channel.

The Advanced Genifique is a product that gives long term results, meaning that by only using it once you might not see any difference unless you don’t have any skin issues or you have good genes. However, making it part of your daily skincare routine, it will definitely slow your skin from ageing etc…

I have been using Advanced Genifique for more than three years now. It is not in my plans to stop using it or change it. I also dramatically reduced the wear of makeup, because I feel that my skin doesn’t need to be covered anymore. I simply feel that wearing makeup will just ruin the skincare products that apply to my face. From a few months now, makeup is just for special occasions.

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