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Your Guide to Makeup Expiration Date

Your Guide to Makeup Expiration Date

Does Makeup Have an Expiration Date?

We all keep using our makeup until it is left with only the empty container it came in, but is it right? Though many people use makeup until it is completely out of the product in it, makeup does come with its expiration date for your disappointment. This life span maybe even shorter than you think it is. 

The exact time that a makeup product takes to expire depends on the cosmetic, how it is stored, and whether or not it is open or sealed. All the makeup expires one day or the other, mostly in 2 years of buying and sometimes as little as 3 months for some eye makeup. 

Here is Your Guide to Makeup Expiration Date:

  • How Long Does Makeup Last if It is Kept Unopened?

The expiration dates that you see printed over makeup or the packaging are the guidelines for after a product has been opened up. It may be hard to determine when unopened or sealed makeup expires since it is not stamped over the packaging. 

Mostly, if properly stored in a dry and cool place, many unopened and completely sealed makeup may last from 2 to 3 years. This said, creamier products with oils or butter, such as cream concealers or some liquid blushes, may be tuned earlier as oil may go rancid. 

It might not go well even when sealed if it is a natural makeup formulation without any strong preservative. All of the preservatives in your makeup break up with time, even if some products are unopened, so you must never keep your products for more than 3 years. The product expiration date will tell you how long it is safe to use this product. 

  • Is Expiration Date a Suggestion?

In this Guide to Makeup Expiration Date, you will know why you should follow the expiration date. The PAO that is the Period After Opening symbol printed on makeup will show how many months you still have between the day you open it and the day it expires. This is the shelf life of any makeup. 

You must throw away any makeup if it expires, but if you are using it a little bit after expiration dates, you may be fine regarding your health, but you will notice it won’t perform to its very best. Products such as lip liner or eyeliner pencils might have longer expiration dates as they may be sharpened. To be sure that your makeup always lasts as long 

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as it must, you should wash your hands before you apply it, clean your makeup brushes very often and avoid sharing them. Makeup expiration is important. You must follow it accordingly.

  • What Happens to Makeup after the Expiration Date?

Expired makeup might become dry or crumbly, and you must never use water or saliva to moisten it, as it may introduce some bacteria. Color pigments may not look as flashy or vibrant, and powders seem packed down and hard to use. Expired makeup may also start to grow bacteria that can lead to:

  1. Acne 
  2. Rashes
  3. Staph and eye infection 
  4. Sties 

It is mainly important not to use eye makeup after its expiration date, as this might be harmful to the delicate part of your area. This is your Guide to Makeup Expiration Date. Beauty care products can be used at once or for a while longer as their benefits reduce with time due to natural products being used in them.

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