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Your Guide to Semi-Permanent Makeup

Your Guide to Semi-Permanent Makeup

All You Need to Know about Semi-Permanent Makeup.

Are you attracted to the thought of having a smudge-proof liner or a beautiful feather set of brows? But still, having this, you feel a little intimidated by references to the semi-permanent makeup and the eyebrow tattooing? 

Here is all that you need to know about semi-permanent makeup. You will get to know all about semi-permanent eyebrows and how you can benefit from having them, and how your daily life can get better having them.

What is Semi-Permanent Makeup?

What do eyebrow microblading, everlasting eyeliner treatment, and lip blush have in common? They are all from the field of semi-permanent makeup, each applied in the perfect and professional salon setting by trained experts. The results of these three treatments may last anymore in between 6 to 24 months. 

While you also have previously associated semi-permanent makeup with the thick eyeliner and the lip contouring of the early 2000s, semi-permanent eyebrows and makeup have evolved to be the subtle way to boost your natural appearance, using some refined technologies, modern organic and vegan pigments. 

The semi-permanent eyeliner and lip liner technicians take a very artistic approach to their work, tailoring every treatment mainly to your natural contours and features as well. 

What Happens at Your Appointment?

The very first thing that the semi-permanent eyebrows or eyeliner expert will do is map out the desired shape you want and its shade and intensity. It is done to make sure that your final look is customized to all of your preferences. Next, a numbing cream is applied to the treatment area, making this process pain-free.

While this technique and session time differs based on the area of treatment, semi-permanent makeup that includes micro-blading, eyeliner enhancements, and lips blush all use the highest quality of pigments with some mix of colors custom blended just for you. 

These hues are then very neatly pushed into your skin’s surface using a sterile micro-needle, repeating the process until the beautify therapist working on you is satisfied with the shade coverage and intensity. 

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Difference between Tattoos & Semi-Permanent Makeup

At its very fundamental, semi-permanent makeup is the process or form of body and facial tattooing, but some clear differences exist in application, technique, appearance, and permanence. Tattoo and body art inks are applied into the deeper layer of your skin, while the semi-permanent makeup applies this pigment on the skin surface of your lips, brows, and eye. 

The pigment also comes with a less concentrated metal and mineral sourced base that is the compound that sticks your tattoos to the surface of your skin. Traditional tattoos also go further into the dermis skin layer, while makeup tattoos only affect the first layer of skin. 

How Long Will the Semi-Permanent Makeup Last?

Micro-bladed brows, lip blush, eyeliner, and thicker kohl-inspired styles may take around one to two years to go away, having touch-ups recommended once every year for having a consistent look. 

This is all about semi-permanent makeup and how it can make you get rid of applying a few things that you apply every day in your makeup. Your guide to semi-permanent makeup ends here, and now is the time to think if you need one or not.

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