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Your Pre-Wedding Skin Care Timeline

Your Pre-Wedding Skin Care Timeline

Pre-Wedding Skincare Routine.

The big day is almost knocking at your door! It is your big special day, and don’t you want all eyes on nothing but yourself? This bridal skincare regime is then just the perfect one for you to get flawless skin on your special occasion. You should start this amazing bridal skincare routine as early as possible to get the most out of it. Let’s jump into the basic bridal tips now!

Bridal Care Tips to Start before a Year from Your Wedding

One year seems way too early? It will not be so when you decide to take care of your stubborn pigmentations. In this stage, you should sign up for early massages with lots of herbal oils. This will gradually rejuvenate your skin and give all the essential nourishments.

Bridal Care Tips to Start before Six-Nine Months from Your Wedding

This phase is the perfect one for you if you would like to test some new hair colours or if you want to get a change in your look. You should also start taking all the essential beauty vitamins to go for a beautiful skin glow and shinier hair. In this phase, you should make it a habit to moisturize, tone and cleanse your skin, and exfoliate. You should do this at least two times a week. Change your diet to a healthier one, and start removing all types of carbs and sugar from your diet.

Bridal Care Tips to Start before One-Three Months from Your Wedding

Now is the time to go for daily cleansing and remove all the sticky dirt from your skin. Then, you can shift to more natural products like butter or oil and make sure that you are properly detoxing your skin. You should also maintain a more natural diet, like juice, instead of your wine by this time. Do you know Yoga can also be great for bridal skincare? It gives you a natural glow and flawless skin!

Bridal Care Tips to Start before One or Two Weeks from Your Wedding

This is the phase of face packs and stress management! Having worked hard all year, now you can sit and relax with a facial pack. It will also give you a few stress-free hours when you can combine facial packs with a body scrubbing session!  

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Bridal Care Tips to Start before a Day or Two from Your Wedding

These days are crucial when you can shift to mild home remedies to boost your skincare regime. For example, you can plan for gentle peel-off masks or de-tanning regimes.

Don’t let the wedding jitters get you! Instead, make sure that you keep yourself hydrated and get just the right amount of sleep.

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